GKC Incubator

GKC Incubator

GKC represents a community for individuals, groups, public and private bodies to work together and promote sustainable living practices. GKC tries to help green initiatives and startups by enriching their knowledge and experiences in green business field, linking them with potential investors and provide a consultancy services to them.
Also, GKC brings together business, government, academicians and the community to share their ideas and discuss their real environmental needs and tries to bridge the gap by connecting people and integrating the ideas and solutions.

At GKC Incubator we focus on three strategic areas:

1. Incubate Green initiatives – Support green & social initiatives by offering coaching and mentoring and access to a growing network of experts and capital.
2. Educate the Community about Sustainability – Raise awareness and inspire action through programs, online communications and educational activities.
3. Facilitate the Implementation of Green Solutions – work with green initiatives and connect them with specialized and high qualified specialists to ensure a good implementation for their green ideas.

The GKC is focusing on providing following services:

1. Business consulting services,
2. Coaching,
3. Projects development,
4. Internationalization


Activities and Projects