Journey to Green Economy

An educational field visit implemented by The International Cooperation Foundation of the German Association for Adult Education, in partnership with Green Knowledge Community, under the thread of green economy -as a part of Club Adult Education events funded by Federal Ministry of Development and Economic Cooperation in the Republic of Germany.

This event gathered 25 young youth (males and females) from different governorates of the Gaza Strip. It included three initiatives. The first was by young entrepreneurs from the northern Gaza Strip in the field of recycling wood remnants, to handmade industries. The second was by the viewing unit of the Family Center in Bureij refugee camp about organic agriculture which is a production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people. in the path of plastic recycling. The third was a solar cooker initiative by the expert Khalid Bashir in the field of utilizing solar energy without technology a solar cooker uses the energy of direct sunlight to heat and cook.

Mari Bashir, the programs director of the German Association for Adult Education in Gaza, indicated that it is the first field visit of its kind in the Gaza Strip, as it tackled a new thread; “Green Economy”- that is globally and regionally offered which is a model for sustainable development that recognizes the connection between natural capital and social equity as source of growth, prosperity and well-being. . It is worthy to mention that this visit was based on interaction and enriching knowledge and educational methodology. In the other hand, it addressed many themes in the domain of nature as it is the source of happiness and hope, knowledge is built around mankind, and success and failure are the keys of learning.

Ahmed Al-Karriri, the coordinator and founder of Green Knowledge Community, noted that this event went under many procedures, starting with an advertisement on different websites and social media; in order to grab the attention of young youth who are interested in environment and the green economy concept, therefore, it had a great participation. Then, a meeting was held as a process of selecting the candidates. Moreover, a preparatory workshop was held under the domain of the interactive education. Al-Karriri, thanking the German Association for Adult Education for its cooperation, asserted that Green Knowledge Community has started to look forward for the green future.