GKC Capacity Building

In summer of 2016, our members went into intensive training courses that had discussed many different topics regarding the environment. We have dealt with sustainable development concepts, climate change, and global warming presented by Dr. Wesam Al madhoun – MIT Research Affiliate. And it was very interesting! The second meeting within the program was about the green buildings and sustainable construction principles, which aims at the concept of finding the balance between home-building and the sustainable environment. This session was presented by Eng. Samah Abu-Musameh.

Also there was a session about the communication skills, life skills and time management skills as a very important tool in field work with the targeted beneficiaries. This session was presented by Dr-Ahmed H. Hillis – Director of Environmental Awareness Department at Palestinian Environment Quality Authority. In addition, there were sessions about water, waste water and solid waste management in the Gaza-Strip. The team have been trained on the basics of water sanitation (the safe water chain). And these were also presented by Dr-Ahmed H. Hillis.

The end of this training program was with a session about the fundamentals of environmental awarenessm, it was presented by Mrs. Rana Idais – Environmental Educator at Environment Quality Authority, and another session about solid waste management in the Gaza-Strip, and was presented by Eng. Samir Matar – Environmental specialist.

The members have expressed their happiness, and satisfaction about the “great” information and details they’ve got after this training program. They were motivated to do their best to help raising the people awareness about the environment, to have a healthier place to live in. As we all in GKC believe that: our collective responsibility is the result of our commitment as individuals. To make this land better, and sustainable to our grandchildren.