Insights of GKC’s volunteers

Green Knowledge Community, is a non-profit  community, run by volunteers, who believed in the importance of raising awareness, as a way to make the social and environmental change-that the GKC seeks in its vision of existence.

We’ve asked some of our members about the reasons encourage them to be part of this community. Ahmed Alraie, 23 years old architect, who has an experience of 2 years in voluntary work. Ahmed Believes that he has the power to make change, and so he became a member in GKC, he also aims at improving his skills in the field of leadership, and team work. He’s there to feel active in his community. Ahmed Abu Mousa, 25 years old civil engineer, and community activist. Ahmed has previously worked in the field of raising environmental awareness for school students, and their parents. He’s very concerned about the environment and its problems, and always hoping to collaborate with group of people who share the same interest in order to save our environment and keep its shiny green color; luckily he was able to enroll in GKC, aiming to leave impacts on the community.

“As an English literature student, I would like to expand my knowledge and experience in environment” Said by Ola Salem, one of the active members in the team. She thinks that we all should pay attention to such field as it is almost ignored in our society, despite its importance. Ola sees that Green Knowledge Community is the only gathering where she can enrich her background about the environmental issues.
As an architecture student, I felt that I should be in a such team, where I’ll use my skills and school education to help make this place a sustainable better one. With this enthusiastic group of youth, I believe we can achieve a lot.